Customized Professional Development

Are you hoping to bring a new set of ideas to transform your organization or school into a culturally dynamic space? Habla’s custom-designed programs engage all participants in ongoing and inspired development. We’ll begin by understanding your goals and challenges and then design a program to meet your specific needs.

How Your School Community Will Benefit

  • Develop a unique and clear vision for learning as well as a roadmap for reaching these goals
  • Transform teaching from lectures and tests to facilitating students’ deep thinking and creating original work.
  • Move from teacher-centered practices to student-centered learning.
  • Incorporate cross-cultural and translingual teaching practices into the daily life of classrooms promoting equity and fully supporting the cultural capacities of students.
  • Develop and refine curricular units that engage students in intellectual frameworks and challenge them to express their understanding of complex concepts and ideas.
  • Integrate the arts and multimodal communication into all content areas
Habla has transformed the teaching practices of our educators. Habla facilitators model passionate, engaging instructional practices that speak to the heart and soul of participants. When teachers return from an Habla training they are empowered to engage their colleagues and students in work that matters. I have seen teachers return from Habla with a renewed sense of purpose and a toolbox of inspiring activities that bridge content and creation.

Kali Frederick - Professional Learning Designer, High Tech High

Over the past 7 years, Summit School District 104 has developed one of its strongest partnerships with the team at Habla. Habla has been transformational in supporting our teachers in the delivery of arts-based, culturally responsive instruction focused on deep questions that truly matter to our community. The Habla experience is a powerful one that evokes deep themes of identity, culture, creation, and imagination. Every institute is specifically tailored to the needs of our community, advantaging our collective cultural experience, and taking our teachers on novel, vibrant journeys of discovery and inquiry.

Jon Baricovich - Director of Assessment and English Learner Programming Summit School District 104

Habla has provided our colleagues with transformative learning experiences and reminded us that joy and hard work are not only compatible but crucial for deep learning and creating community. Teachers return from an Habla Institute with a more profound sense of themselves, both as people and as educators. They also return with a different understanding of the relationships between the body, the mind, and the texts they are teaching. And, importantly, they bring back practical strategies to use with their students, and they are always eager to share them with colleagues.

Tim McNamara - Head of Secondary Division Avenues, São Paulo

The Habla Compass

The four-points of the Habla Compass are the levers for culturally dynamic organizational change. Schools vary on what they need. We start with where schools currently are and then help them to achieve their concrete and unique goals.

Available Venues

Often the best design of professional development experiences is a combination of in-person institutes with virtual continuing sessions. Even before virtual learning became widespread, Habla had a reputation for leading dynamic and engaging sessions and courses online. Habla’s programs can be held at Habla, at your local school or venue, and/or online. In person sessions are typically 2-3 days in length and are full-day experiences.

The Habla Constellation

Experience Habla’s Constellation in action and learn how to bring these foundational practices and principles to your school.


If you are ready to explore what Habla can bring to your school or organization please tell us more about you and we’ll be in contact.

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A great place to start!

The best place to learn about Habla’s model for teaching and learning is one of Habla’s Teacher Institutes now offered in both the Winter and Summer.