It Hips! It Hops! It Dips!

Project-Based Learning Design In Action
Wednesday May 25 - Friday, May 27, 2022

Hit the road and meet us in San Diego to recharge your batteries at our first IN-PERSON professional development event since 2019. In this immersive experience we will hip, hop, and drop into PBL project design essentials. Experience a place and identity-based project rooted in the Lowrider culture of Southern California. Connect engineering, literature, and the social sciences in this multidisciplinary maker project. Explore new ways to build community and classroom partnerships. We will model PBL practices and culturally responsive teaching strategies that can be universally applied to all grade levels, content, and school contexts. This event is engineered by the HTH GSE Professional Learning team in collaboration with the Habla Teacher Institute. Liz, from our previous PBL in Action event in 2021 reflected, “Each protocol, text, activity we did was phenomenal and something that I would love to recreate with kids and adults. Loved all the ‘behind the curtain’ - transparent facilitation was helpful for me to see all the pieces and how I can apply the strategies in the future.” This event is highly participatory and “hands-on,” be prepared to step in and out of the student and teacher seat.



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