Welcome to the Imagenarium: Creative Practices for Teaching and Learning

16th Annual Habla Teacher Institute, July 22-26, 2024 | Mérida, México

Enter the Imaginarium—a space where unparalleled creativity comes to life. Open the doors to your students’ new ideas, innovative thinking, and creative capacities. Transform your classroom from one of delivery and instruction to one of students’ unique and original energy.

This year’s Habla Teacher Institute will demonstrate how we can create spaces that amplify our students’ stories, lived worlds, languages, and their creative and intellectual capacities. Teachers will receive a set of concrete, interdisciplinary tools that can be applied to different age groups and settings.  Experience what project-based, student-centered, hands-on learning can be. 

At this institute teachers will learn how to: 

  • design a “translanguaging pedagogy” incorporating, fusing, and developing multiple languages in the classrooms space
  • integrate “multiple modalities” in student work including visual, textual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning
  • think beyond the traditional delivery approach of education to the “experience” approach designing engaging and inspirational experiences for all students
  • bring strategies and activities that will engage all students and provide multiple opportunities for differentiated learning
  • build a thriving and supportive classroom community that fosters kindness, care, and equity

The Habla Institute will be highly interactive and participatory. Sessions are hands-on workshops where participants will “learn by doing.” The event will culminate in an exhibition of work on the final day, modeling how we can make our students’ learning visible to our global education communities and classrooms.

The institute is designed for teachers of every discipline and of all age levels from preschool to higher ed.

Core Principles:
Habla’s Core Principles are the foundation for the institute. Teachers in all subject-areas and grade-levels will gain concrete tools for designing classrooms and projects around these key ideas.

Creative Processes


Lived Worlds

Narrative Plentitude


Click here to view the itinerary of the institute.

Institute Documentation

After the institute you will receive a digital packet documenting the entire institute experience including all slide decks, handouts, photos, and additional materials.

2024 Institute Cost

Daily Schedule

Breakfast: Morning Fuel
Start your day with a nutritious breakfast and connect with peers to set a positive tone.
Morning Session: Professional Growth
Dive into workshops and collaborative activities to enhance teaching skills and share insights.
Lunch: Networking Break
Refuel with a delicious lunch, network with fellow educators, and recharge for the afternoon.
Afternoon Session: Practical Learning
Engage in hands-on activities and discussions to apply morning insights directly to your practice.