This February, make life-long connections with a community of international teachers, experience new approaches and hands-on activities for language teaching, and enjoy winter under the mango trees at Habla in Merida, Mexico.

Words in Motion will offer language teachers concrete, transferable activities as a way of reimagining the language classroom.

A primary focus of the institute will be community building in the target language. With a strong foundation of play, humor, compassion, and connection, the institute will demonstrate a set of strategies for building positive relationships between students. The opening of the institute will introduce teachers to engaging activities for building a strong foundational community using the target language.

At the Words in Motion Institute, teachers will experience how to design a student-directed curriculum that empowers students to communicate in the target language from the first moment they walk in the classroom. The language classroom lives in the interactions between students and teachers. Teachers at the institute will learn how to redesign the classroom structure to reflect the resources and “lived worlds” students bring to the classroom rather than teaching from a prescribed textbook.

Arts integration will be a key focus on the institute. Language will be created around rich works of literature and art. A variety of approaches for “making students thinking visible” will engage participants in deep conversations around cultural artifacts. The arts will be explored in the context of language learning. Participants will create a community mural, write original work around the theme “memory is magic,” and engage in a variety of kinesthetic activities.




Habla Spanish Language School and Education Center

Address: Calle 26 No. 99-B x 19 y 21 Col. México Mérida, Yucatán, México C.P. 97125

Phone: 401 374 3237