Engage: Creative Strategies for Teaching and Learning
February 17-19, 2024

The Habla Winter Teacher Institute will feature three-days of the most cutting-edge and innovative ideas from the global field of education. At this institute teachers will learn how to: 

  • design a “translanguaging pedagogy” incorporating, fusing, and developing multiple languages in the classrooms space
  • integrate “multiple modalities” in student work including visual, textual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning
  • think beyond the traditional delivery approach of education to the “experience” approach designing engaging and inspirational experiences for all students
  • bring strategies and activities that will engage all students and provide multiple opportunities for differentiated learning
  • build a thriving and supportive classroom community that fosters kindness, care, and equity

The winter institute will be shaped around the Performance Cycle, the groundbreaking pedagogical framework that was featured in The New York Times. The institute will model how to “plan backwards” from a culminating exhibition of original student work displaying students’ responses to an essential question or concept. Participants will participate in a fully conceived Performance Cycle process that will culminate in an exhibition of learning at the end of the three days.

Meet colleagues from around the world, bring new ideas to  your classroom, and participate in a transformational journey in sunny Mérida this February.

All participants will receive a copy of the book ENGAGE: Creative Strategies for Teaching and Learning. All institute strategies and activities are described in the book and author Wootton and colleagues will lead participants through the activities and offer adaptations to bring these activities to your classroom. 


2024 Winter Institute Cost


Daily Schedule



Breakfast: Morning Fuel

Start your day with a nutritious breakfast and connect with peers to set a positive tone.

Morning Session: Professional Growth

Dive into workshops and collaborative activities to enhance teaching skills and share insights.

Lunch: Networking Break

Refuel with a delicious lunch, network with fellow educators, and recharge for the afternoon.

Afternoon Session: Practical Learning

Engage in hands-on activities and discussions to apply morning insights directly to your practice.


Marimar Patrón

Habla Co-Founder

Kurt Wootton

Habla Co-Founder

Tommaso Iskra

Creative Director

Darío Bernal


Aketzali Chacón

Institute Coordinator



Address: Calle 26 No. 99-B x 19 y 21 Col. México Mérida, Yucatán, México C.P. 97125